Axel Bernal 



  1. Frontera Norte
  2. Biznaga
  3. Caracol
  4. Agua
  5. Bolt Brigade
  6. Virgencita
  7. Alita
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  9. Rompiendo
  10. "Fishing for Carrot Trout"
about me:
  I like to imagine, and to bring the puzzles of color and light that I dream into a touchable reality.
The end  products of this process are works of Industrial Design, Jewelry, Illustration and Visual Art, often jumping the shifting boundaries between these fields.

  I am trained as a Designer. My Jewelry work has been shown in exhibits in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and the Netherlands.
  My Visual Art has been shown in exhibits in Mexico and Canada.
  My illustration work has been published in Canada and the United Kingdom.